Location of the event: Palace of the Republic, Chisinau, Maria Cebotari 16 st.

  • Natalia GAVRILIȚA, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

    H.R.H. Prince RADU of Romania

    Janis MAZEIKS, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Moldova

    Kent Doyle LOGSDON, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova

    Francis FUKUYAMA, Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow at Stanford University, FSI Director, Ford Dorsey Master’s in International Policy

    Key Note Speaker:

    - Ivan MIKLOŠ, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic

    - Siegfried MUREȘAN, Vice-chair of the European People's Party Group in the European Parliament

    - Vasile PUȘCAȘ, Former Minister for European Affairs/Minister for European Integration/Chief Negotiator for Romania's Accession to the European Union

    - Road infrastructure - Lilia DABIJA, General Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development

    - Overview – Mircea PASCALUȚĂ, State Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development

    - Giurgiulesti International Free Port - Mathias von TUCHER, General Director

    - Moldova Railway - Oleg TOFILAT, General Director

    - Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova - Lidia ABABII, Deputy director

    - Foreign Investors Association – Ana GROZA, executive director

    - European Business Association – Mariana RUFA, executive director

    - American Chamber of Commerce – Mila MALAIRAU, executive director

    - Education reform - Nadejda VELIȘCO, General Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Republic of Moldova

    - The digital education - Viorel BOSTAN, Rector of Technical University of Moldova

    - Dual Vocation - Vladimir FONARI, Component Manager/ Vocational Education and Training, Strong Businesses and Communities for Moldova

    Business supporting talent growth - Nirvana CHAUDHARY, Chairman of Moldcell Foundation, Vice Chairman of Chaudhary Foundation and Managing Director of Chaudhary Group

  • - Gebauer & Griller - Alexander Vasiliev , Head of Supply Chain

    - MAIB - Vytautas PLUNKSNIS, Chairman of the Board of Directors

    - ADD Ruslan CASICO, Executive director

    - Endava - Veaceslav PANFIL, Delivery unit manager

    - ICT – Marina BZOVII, Executive Director ATIC

    - BPO – Oliver PRADO, Honorary President, ABSL Moldova

    - CREATIVE INDUSTRIES – Vasile BRAGA, Executive Director COR

    - Renewable energy – Carolina NOVAC, Energy Advisor to the Prime Minister of Moldova

    - Case Study – Marcela LEFTER, CEO, Sedera Green

    - Health care: Case study – Medpark – Olga ȘCHIOPU, General Manager

    - Waste management / Case study - ABS Recycling – Irina BALICA, Development manager

    - Agriculture / Case study- Euroalun – Sergiu MELNIC, Quality Manager

    - UN – sustainable business partner for the SDG Agenda– Laura Fiorotto, Team Leader, Moldova Resident Coordinator Office

    1. Agrifood
    2. Start-up Moldova
    3. ICT
    4. Fashion
    5. Electronic
    6. Creative
    7. Deeptech
    8. BPO

    • - Bloomcoding
    • - Fagura
    • - BOLD
    • - Dely.IO
    • - QSystems Decentralized Payments Network
    • - Sicom S.R.L.
    • - CEO OBD Group IV
    • - Ganea Group S.R.L.
    • - Euroalun S.R.L.
    • - Micu & Co S.R.L.
    • - XOR
    • - ENABLD
    • - INDEX

    - Third sector of the national economy with a faster growth rate: 8% of GDP

    - Only sector of the economy that has dedicated policies in place (IT Park Law, It Visa);

    - Over the past 6 years, the IT sector has grown almost 5 times;

    - Exports of IT services - $350 M in 2021;

    - In 2019 Moldova Innovation Technology Park was recognized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as one of the best global practices in promotion and development of the IT ecosystem;

    - Over 90% coverage of fiber optic networks and 98% coverage of 4G communications at the lowest prices in Europe;

    - This sector benefits from highly qualified and multilingual human resources (almost 33,000 employees in ICT in 2021);

    - +6.000 new jobs created in IT sector since 2018;

    - +11 new investing countries arrived in RM due to favorable IT tax regime;

    - Moldova ranks 10th in the world in terms of the percentage of the population covered by gigabit.

    • - Julia Allert
    • - Mie Dor
    • - Georgette
    • - Oldcom
    • - Fashion Textil

    - The light industry is in the top 3 exporting industries in the Republic of Moldova, reaching 329 million USD in 2020.

    - The sector also represents 4% of the total number of national employment, with more than 30,000 people working throughout the industry, mainly women;

    - Moldova is known for high quality production, short delivery times, flexible orders and value-added production from CMT plus full package service;

    - Based on duty-free access to EU, Eastern European and Turkish markets, Made in Moldova fashion products are exported to more than 12 countries, mainly to the EU;

    - 447 light industry enterprises in Moldova, more than ¼ have gone from low to high sustainable production;

    - Republic of Moldova advances with a common platform "Din Inima" which brings together about 100 local brands.

    • 1. animation- Lidia Scarlat
    • 2. film - Valentina Iusuphodjaev
    • 3. immersive experience - Dumitru Gangaliuc
    • 4. game - Vasili Braga
    • 5. design and communication - Olga Radu
    • 6. music - Eugen Boico

    - Moldova is uniquely positioned to act as a source of skilled talent for international creative markets, generating high quality creative goods and services for export.

    - Of all the creative sectors, the software industry ranks first in terms of contribution to GDP and is the second largest sector in terms of employment.

    - More than 3,000 Moldovan creative freelancers are registered on Upwork.com, Fiverr.com, Guru.com, Peopleperhour.com, Freelancer.com, Skyword.com, Dribble.com and other international platforms

    - Over 500 companies and freelancers specialized in design

    -The first Moldovan virtual reality animated film, “Aripi” (Wings),won awards in the categories of Best Music, Best Sound, and audience-driven award for Best Animation. The film has also won prizes at prestigious international film and animation festivals “Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire” in France and the “International Independent Film Awards” in the U.S

    • 1. Nadejda David - Chief Accounting Officer, ACE Cabling, Ecolibri
    • 2. Alexandru Motroi - Technical Director, Informbusinesss, power banks for offices and buildings
    • 3. Roman NICU - Technical Director, Mechatronics Innovation Center” S.R.L, biomedical devices
    • 4. Tatiana Cotliuba - Product Manager, Simpals S.R.L, Sonr
    • 5. Ruslan Casico - Head of Sales and Marketing, ADD Group, Efficiency of resources for utilities

    - Best cost location in electronics, microelectronics and nanotechnologies

    - 7% tax for electronic components manufacturing

    - Over 170 companies and 16.000 employees

    - Exports of 526.4 mil USD in 2018 (double compared to 2015 and 5 times more than in 2008);

    - Revenues of 7 bln lei of turnover in 2019 (2.5 times more than in 2015);

    - The sector established its own association - Association of Electronic Industry Companies (ACEM);

    - Moldova offers a collaborative ecosystem for R&D including 11 Public Research Institutes, 8 innovation incubators, one Science and Technology Park;

    1. Eliri

    2. Bioinformatics & GenTech Association

    3. Segmedical SRL

    4. Danaero SRL

    1. Grafit Holding

    2. Cedacri International

    3. H.ESSERS

    4. Viatel

    5. Luxali ICT&BPO

    - Chisinau won in the category for the Emerging City of the Year in SEE in 2020;

    - The BPO segment represents approximately 12% of the outsourcing market;

    - The current workforce size of Moldova’s BPO & SSC industry is over 3,000 people, servicing European and US markets predominantly. The service focus is across multiple industries, especially in Logistics, Travel, and Telecom sectors;

    - Estimated by an IDC report*, that it will record significant growth, reaching a value of $30.42M by 2024, compared to $14.45M in 2018;

    - Moldova offers a unique incentive – 7% tax on turnover for IT Virtual Park residents carrying out R&D and some BPO activities.


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