Location: Radisson Blu Leogrand Convention Center, Chișinău, entry from Vlaicu Pârcălab, 69 Street

Communication language: Romanian / English with translation ensured

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Study Visits  (Route will also include tourist site and lunch)

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Digital Path

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Gathering at starting point Radisson Blu hotel

Transfer to Tekwill (starting point: Radisson Blu hotel)

Visit Tekwill (Chișinău)

Transfer to Digital Park (Chișinău)

Visit Digital Park (Chișinău)

Transfer to Asconi Winery (Anenii Noi, Puhoi)

Winery tour at Asconi Winery (Anenii Noi, Puhoi)

Transfer to Chisinau. Arrival Radisson Blu hotel



Tekwill is the place to be where people connect with ideas, resources, science and industry to enhance excellence in information technology. It brings prestige and influences the tech sector, the host university (UTM), and to Moldova by directly contributing to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In addition, Tekwill aims to improve the skills needed within the IT sector, thereby creating high quality and well paid jobs, and deterring the emigration of talented young people.

Tekwill is a 4,000m² hub that has everything one would ever need for ongoing growth, from co-working spaces, tech labs (IoT, 3D printing) and community events.


Digital Park

Digital Park is designed to become a central meeting space for companies active in the IT industry. In this digitization era, where communication and fast connections became vital, Digital Park is the first favorable business development framework in the Republic of Moldova.

Digital Park is the answer for connecting technology companies with old history or start-up businesses, IT developers, national and international companies, oriented towards innovation and progress, in one same point, in Chisinau. The fundamental objective of this concept was to create an atmosphere and a “Silicon Valey” infrastructure in Moldova.

Asconi Winery

Asconi has planted 506 hectares (1250 acres) of vineyards of various varietals. Among them varietals such as Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscat Ottonel can be found near Geamana village, in the Codru Region. The picturesque vines are situated about 40 km to the south of Chisinau and 10 km from the winery.

Recently, we have also added more variety to our types of grapes which include Malbec, Saperavi, Muscat Rose, Glera and others. These grapes will be used to make wines in small batches or for big blends to add complexity.The harvest season usually starts in mind august with white grapes of Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Muscat. Later on we move to Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes harvested in two ways: handpicking and machine harvesting. The handpicked grapes are used primarily for top tier dry wines.

Asconi Winery opens its doors to tourists offering a unique opportunity to see the vineyards, the entireprocess of obtaining the wine, a wine tasting and traditional lunch of regional specialties.

Automotive & Free Economic Zone

10:00 - 10:30

10:30 – 11:30

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14:30 – 17:00

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Gathering at starting point Radisson Blu hotel

Transfer to Orhei  (starting point: Radisson Blu hotel);

Visit Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze ( Orhei)

Transfer to ASPA entreprise (Orhei)

Visit ASPA entreprise (Orhei)

Transfer to Archaeological Complex Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei)

Visit Archaeological Complex Orheiul Vechi and Lunch

Transfer to Chisinau. Arrival at: Radisson Blu hotel


Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze

Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze is a global supplier of electronic wire harnesses and components for the international automotive industry. SE Bordnetze SRL is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze and was registered in December 2015. The investment project is implemented within the Free Economic Zone Balti, subzone Orhei, Republic of Moldova. At present, SE Bordnetze has approximately 1500 employees and plans to increase their number to 2500


"ASPA" JSC is an enterprise specialized in mechanical processing of various metal parts and items on customer’s demands or as per customer's samples and/or drawings including precision parts, stainless steel parts, heat resistant steel parts, titanium alloys parts and other hardworking materials parts. The company produce components for machines from various industry branches - for the food industry (packaging machines, foil extrusion machines), for hydraulic systems, for gear reducers, valves and pipes etc. Also, on demand, they can manufacture responsible welded structures and machines for polishing curved surfaces


Orhei Vechi - archaeological complex

This territory has been inhabited since early times. In this place many cities were built. The first city founded here was called Orhei. The name Orhei means “fortification”. Then at the beginning of the 14th century, the Golden Horde conquered this territory. The name of the archaeological reservation derives from the name of that medieval city, thus "Old Orhei". The  Orhei Vechi (Old Orhei) archaeological complex is an open-air museum situated between the villages of Trebujeni and Butuceni, 60 km northeast of Chisinau. 

The museum complex Old Orhei is a system of historical monuments and natural landscapes. It consists of a few promontories. The central promontory in Old Orhei is called Pestere. Its name derives from the many caves carved in it ('Pestere' is Romanian for 'caves'). The Butuceni headland is part of the Old Orhei as well. Together with the Pestere promontory it creates a complex harmony from every point of view. The Butuceni promontory is great from both the geological and esthetic points of view. It has many calcareous slates, spacious caves and small grottos. The wonderful view and ancient traces are impressive.

Old Orhei is famous for the cave monasteries located there. This zone was ideal for the primary monasticism of early Christian community. It was isolated from the outer world. At the time when Christians came here, there were been smaller and bigger caves in the calcareous rocks cut by pre-historic tribes living on this territory. At Old Orhei there are several monumental stone constructions which are of interest to both scientists and ordinary people. The oldest fortified construction at Old Orhei is the Gaetic fortress. It is located on the Butuceni promontory. The fortress is connected to the surrounding area by a narrow passage. In case of attack, it was easy to block access. The place was ideal for building a fortress.

Fashion Route

10:00 – 10:30

10:30 – 10:50

10:50 – 12:00

12:00 – 12:50

13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 14:30

14:30 – 16:30

16:30 – 17:00


Gathering at starting point Radisson Blu hotel

Transfer to Portavita company , Chișinău  (starting point: Radisson Blu hotel);

Visit Portavita company (str Petricani 17/22)

Transfer to Dubăsari

Visit Intercentre Lux company

Transfer to Brănești Winery

Tour +Lunch Brănești Winery

Transfer to Chisinău, arrival: Radisson Blu hotel



Portavita  - A women's wear manufacturer focusing upon ladies separates and some unconstructed coats. They use modern sewing equipment, with traditional straight knife cutting. The company HQ is in Chisinau who process the orders for the factory. Working for well known Italian and UK brands with a quick turnaround.

20 years of experience

2 Sewing factories:  (Chisinau & Balti)

Type of products:  Woman apparel (Blazers, blouses, dresses, shirts, skirts, t-shirts, trousers) Number of employees: 400


Intercentre Lux


Type of products: 

•Down jackets with different types of complexity, natural and bio insulation, as well as innovative materials

•Coats, raincoats and jackets in modern types of fabrics using membranes and special coatings

2 Sewing factories: (Tiraspol & Dubasari) 

The highest level of know-how in meeting the most demanding requirements of European partners, such as: Prada, Armani, Moncler, Burberry, Peuterey, Calvin Klein, etc., with whom IntercentreLux has been working for more than 25 years. Number of employees: 800

"Pivniţele din Brăneşti" (Brănești Cellars)

The underground kingdom "Pivniţele din Brăneşti" (Brănești Cellars) is located in a scenic area in the coast of Orheiul Vechi. It always arouses astonishment of numerous local and foreign visitors. "Pivniţele din Brăneşti" have a total area of 75ha, stretching on a distance of 58 km at a depth of 60 m under the ground.

"Pivniţele din Brăneşti» produce white and red wines, sparkling, dry, semi-dry and dessert. Particularly popular are the collecton wines and the wines produced by special technology, such as Madeira, Marsala, pastoral wine.

There are two tasting halls at Branesti, one of which is located underground. The halls are decorated with wood and metal that reproduce images related to vine cultivation and winemaking. Here you'll be able to enjoy dry white and red “collection” wines and sparkling wines. Lunch service is available as an option when you visit for a guided tour and tasting.


10:00 - 10:30

10:30 – 11:30

11:30 – 13:00

13:00 – 13:40

13:40 – 16:00

16:00 – 16:15

16:15 – 16:45

16:45 – 17:15

Gathering at starting point Radisson Blu hotel

Transfer to Hincesti (starting point: Radisson Blu hotel)

Visit + tasting at Garma Grup company (Hincesti, Firladeni)

Transfer to Mileștii Mici winery

Tour+Lunch at Mileștii Mici winery

Transfer to fruit+veg packing house in Costesti

Visit fruit+veg packing house in Costesti

Transfer to Chisinău, arrival: Radisson Blu hotel


Garma-Grup Factory

For over 18 years of experience in farming, production and selling of milling products and pasta, ethyl alcohol, natural gas, as well as in producing renewable energy, the company „Garma-Grup” is able to act as a role model in investments in Moldovan agrifood sector and to become an internationally recognised world-class factory. By using the best performing technique, the director of „Garma-Grup”- Mr. Tudor Ungureanu, succeeds in managing all activities together with 118 employees.

The cattle farm, with a capacity of over 4000 units, is a source of raw material for the production of biogas waste. The cattles are sold in the local market as well as exported in Asian, especially in the Arab countries.

The wheat mill provides raw material for „Garma-Grup” factory that producing about 35 types of high quality pasta as well as for the biggest domestic producers of bread and pasta.

At the same time, after anaerobic fermentation of animal waste, 250-300 m3 of liquid organic fertilizers are also obtained. The biogas production and biogas plant are the first and the only ones of this kind, with such an ecological and economic advantage in the Republic of Moldova.

The company invested considerable resources to implement renewable energy technologies based on the use of agricultural waste.

Therewith the company has been supplying the produced alcohol to the big domestic and EU countries enterprises specialized in beauty cosmetics and skincare industry, beverages, spirits and vinegar etc.)

Renewable electricity is used in the production process of the agro-industrial Complex, fully covering the energy need of the enterprise. The amount of renewable electricity produced by „Garma-Grup” significantly exceeds the needs of the company. As partner of Gas Natural Fenosa Group - the largest electricity distributor in Moldova, the „Garma-Grup” ensures the distribution of electricity, through a contract for the supply of electricity with at regulated tariffs in Moldova.

Mileștii Mici

"Mileștii Mici" tunnels, are the largest underground cave network  with the biggest collection of wine in the world. These are situated at a depth of about 85m under the ground. This has been officially documented by the Guiness Book of World Records! Mileștii Mici has over 200 km of underground streets, over 50 km of wine galleries, over 2 million bottles of wine, some which date back to 1968. Visitors have the unique opportunity to walk along the cool, dark galleries and avenues where big barrels are placed. The wine bottles, covered with noble dust are expecting for the day to be enjoyed.

Fruit Packing House from Costesti

"Fruit Packing House from Costesti" - the first Fruit Sorting and Packaging House built in Moldova, was founded in 2014. The 3000 sqm fruit packing House has a simultaneous storage capacity of 1500 tons of fruits (10 cold rooms of 110 tons and 4 pre-cooling rooms of 70 tons) and processing capacity (pre-cooling, sorting, calibration, packaging and labeling) of 5000 tons per year, as well as new methods for storing and packaging for grape. The domestic products are packed in plastic or cardboard boxes in order to become competitive on the EU market.

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