Pavel FILIP, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova:

The Government represented by me has set themselves the task to become a reliable business partner in business management, attracting investments and creating new jobs. In this regard, Moldova Business Week creates a forum that gathers successfully the business community from all the country, government authorities, sponsors, investors and foreign importers for bringing into focus and strengthening this partnership.

I take advantage of this opportunity to invite all the investors that are searching for extension opportunities, who seek for access to manpower, to competitive salaries, to the European or CIS countries market or that want to minimize operation costs, to consider the potential of the Republic of Moldova.

We have growing industries, important government assets that will be privatized in the near future and an innovative and complex approach to the manner of the government in creating conditions for the development of the business environment.

Therefore, I consider that the current edition of the business week will open the way to new business initiatives and projects in Moldova, both for domestic and foreign companies. I invite you to discuss about all this and to convince yourself of Moldova’s unparalleled drive to changes, cooperation and growth.

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